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Case Studies


Calais Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk

Gordon Birchall aquired the 'Buy Right' site 17 years ago on behalf of QD Stores Ltd. The property has held an interesting history with numerous planning applications all overseen by Birchall Steel. The culmination of many years of hard work resulted in proposals from many supermarket occupiers.

Gordon was able to broker a favourable deal which resulted in the complete refurbishment of the entire store and retention of some 20,000 square feet for QD Stores Ltd on a 999 year lease.

Once the deal was agreed, Birchall Steel oversaw any day to day works on site and fulfilled day to day project management tasks ensuring that a high standard of work was achieved and ultimately ensuring that the redevelopment was completed on schedule. 


 The resulting occupation by Morrisons has increased client turnover and significantly reduced operating costs as well as effectively producing a new building. As can be seen from the before and after picture on the left hand side, the transformation has been significant.







14 North Street Sudbury

Birchall Steel Consultant Surveyors were brought on board to handle the letting of 14 North Street, Sudbury after the previous occupiers went into administration, but remained in occupation.

Shortly after being instructed a suitable alternative tenant was found. After long negotiation a deal was eventually agreed reflecting a strong rental level. However, complications arose with the previous occupiers remaining in residence despite a new deal being secured. Birchall Steel were able to resolve the situation through swift intervention and direct communication with those still occupying the address and our client’s legal representatives.

 After removing the previous occupier the negotiations continued with the prospective tenant, a schedule of works was then agreed. Birchall Steel organised these works to be carried out by suitably trained professionals obtaining the best possible price for their client. Birchall Steel also then oversaw the prospective tenants fit out specifications ensuring that these would not harm the landlord’s reversionary interest.

 After the specification was agreed and the lease was signed, Birchall Steel oversaw the tenants fit out works ensuring a high standard was met. Birchall Steel have also now been retained to deal with future management of the building, reflecting the client’s satisfaction with the work as John Birchall and the company as a whole. As can be seen from the before and after pictures (on the left hand side), the transformation has been remarkable.






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